The beginning years of the ministry were under the leadership of Bishop Samuel J. Boyd, Bishop E.P. Oates, Bishop David Adams, and Elder Paul Poston of the Christian Fellowship Inc. With much prayer and fasting, Apostle Feemster stepped out on faith and obeyed God’s call in the pastorship. During the summer of 1980, that Miracle Tabernacle Ministries was founded and established by God through Apostles Theron & Kathy Feemster.

The church began with four members; however, the services were always anointed. The Apostles along with the faithful few stepped out in Faith, moved from a dirt road with potholes to a nice, paved street called Gold.

Once established in this new location, the congregation began to grow as the church established a night services. To many, this was an opportunity to see a move of God while still being dedicated to their church ministries. During the first years at the new church site, Miracle Tabernacle Ministries became a trendsetter by establishing one of the first praise teams in the Kings Mountain area in 1996.

As time went on and the anointing increased within Miracle Tabernacle’s “Back to the Garden Marriage Seminar” was founded by Apostles Theron & Kathy Feemster. This program was implemented and has been conducted in several churches communicating God’s original design and purpose for fulfilling marriages. Other programs have been implemented as well; a food pantry (Elijah’s Pantry) and clothing closet (Dorcus Ministry) to minister to the needs of the people within the local community. Miracle Tabernacle has also established other ministries to meet the need of the saint in the ministry. The ministries include Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Missionary Ministry, Couples Ministry, Singles Ministry, Prison Ministry (CRUSH), and Pastor’s Aide. Nu Sounz is our Tape & Audio Ministry that allows the preached messages to be recorded and used to ministry beyond the church walls. Our Transportation Ministry allows those who may not have transportation to have a resource available to come and worship.

In 2001, the church moved into Joy theater, to a larger facility, due to the growth of Miracle Tabernacle Ministries. During one of MTM transitions, Miracle Tabernacle moved back to its original Gold Street location, to prepare for a greater move to highway 161 in 2004. With much preparation and continued prayer, Miracle Tabernacle Ministries purchased its land on Highway 161 in 2006. Miracle Tabernacle Ministries had its first Pledge feast in 2009, which was a blessing to all that participated and honored their pledges. In 2010, Miracle Tabernacle Ministries accepted the call to carry the gospel to the nations, that later invoked the adoption of the new church name. As evidenced by the call, Miracle Tabernacle International Ministries has become a fully functional body that is compelling souls to be saved.

Miracle Tabernacle Ministries has been through many different changes, overcome any obstacles, and has endured restructure throughout the years. This church has been a viable resource within the King’s Mountain community, and countless people have sought refuge at Miracle Tabernacle International Ministries. The story will continue as long as God continues to give vision to the overseers of the house.